Writing ask for id on credit cards

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Can retailers ask for ID with your credit card?

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Are Merchants Supposed to Ask for ID When I Pay with a Credit Card?

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Visa’s guidelines state that, when validating an unsigned card, merchants should write a customer’s ID serial number and expiration date on the sales receipt “where permissible by law,” while Mastercard rules say not to record information from the cardholder’s ID.

Writing the words “See ID” on the back of your card doesn’t actually help you. Here’s how it breaks down. In general, merchants can check your ID, but usually won’t. Oct 12,  · The next generation of credit cards will ultimately use a chip-and-PIN system, which negates the need to ever sign the back of your credit card, or your receipt.

In addition to not being able to ask for ID, merchants can not add surcharges for credit card payments, and can not have minimum amount requirements for credit card payments.

However, merchants can give a discount to cash customers. The agreement goes on to explain that some customers like to write “See ID” or “Ask for ID” in the signature block of their credit cards in order to deter fraudulent use of their cards.

So, the jackass that I was in high school, I would reject any card with a blank or “See ID. Merchants may ask a customer for identification, but in most situations, a merchant may not condition acceptance of a Visa or MasterCard credit card upon the customer presenting identification.

In other words, you can refuse to provide identification, and the merchant still must accept your credit card.

Writing ask for id on credit cards
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