Apple inc sociocultural environmental concerns

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Why Apple's labor practices may never improve

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socio-cultural environment

Apple give workers 1 hour every 13 days. InApple audited suppliers, but not one of the "core violations" reported was connected to environmental pollution, even though the investigation found major issues with management of.

P.E.S.T Factors

In this edition of "Corporate Responsibility Spotlight," let's take a look at Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL). Apple has zoomed to the top of the tech world ingrowing over 50% so far this year. A number of big tech players (excluding Apple, which developed its own approach) created the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, a group that sets global labor, environmental, and other.

The socio-cultural environment was carefully analyzed and it was concluded that most people in the region would value our service greatly. In Apple, various ecological and environmental factors provide the opportunities to show the ecological concerns and also their impact on the business.

The environmental external factors are considered very important, which are business sustainability trend. Original artwork to fit all of your geeky needs!

Apple inc sociocultural environmental concerns
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