5. explain breadth-first traversal of a tree also write algorithm for it

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Breadth-First Search Traversal Algorithm

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Breadth-First Search/Traversal in a Binary Tree

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But it isn't preorder, postorder, or even inorder traversal. Instead, the traversal goes a level at a time, left to right within a level (where a level is defined simply in terms of distance from the root of the tree).

Breadth-First Search Traversal Algorithm. B readth-first search is a way to find all the vertices reachable from the a given source vertex, s. Like depth first search, BFS traverse a connected component of a given graph and defines a spanning tree.

Tree Traversals

Intuitively, the basic idea of the breath-first search is this: send a wave out from source s. Breadth First Search(BFS) or Level order traversals Depth First Search(DFS).

In every traversal we visit the tree in certain order. lets discuss them in detail.

Breadth First Search

Read and learn for free about the following article: The breadth-first search algorithm. Graph traversals. Graph traversal means visiting every vertex and edge exactly once in a well-defined order.

While using certain graph algorithms, you must ensure that each vertex of the graph is. I am reading this paper by Chris Okasaki; titled "Breadth-First Numbering: Lessons from a Small Exercise in Algorithm Design". A question is - how is the magic happening in the algorithm?

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5. explain breadth-first traversal of a tree also write algorithm for it
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Breadth-First Traversal of a Tree